Is this not the first and foremost aspect that is earnestly considered by every buyer ahead of making a purchase, heedless of the buyer and the product profile?

Although cost does vary by the benefits attached to the product; still a buyer first evaluates the cost and then ruminates about the benefits that that cost will bring along. When it comes to app development the cost considerations that are undertaken are

  1. HOURLY RATES: these vary from region to region and are based on the fact whether it's an iOS and Android app using Flutter.
  2. TIME SPENT: this is the time taken in designing, developing, and testing
  3. COMPLIANCE: with the Google Play Store and iOS market

Apart from all the above cost comparison particulars, the economical app development price tag is also driven by the region where it is to be developed. Majorly, the US, the UK, Ukraine, and India are the four distinguished countries that are the basis for the regional cost variation across the globe. Before going ahead with the study, it is to be clarified, that the content involves a comparison on the basis of monetary value only and not on the basis of quality.

On average, the value of app development (be it iOS or Android) which involves a time span of roughly eight weeks, will account for $ 48,000 in the US whereas in India it will cost 10x times less. Because of this vast dissimilarity in pricing, the cost comparison between India and the US is a big-eyed subject matter in the app market. It has been studied that the low-cost economic app development in India is because of the increased number of economic app developers and the low value of the Indian currency. It is this low-pricing aspect of the Indian economic app development market that has applauded India as an outsourcing hub.

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Very soon in the year 2018, India is going to become the nation with the largest developer community (4 million). There is a huge amount of untapped potential in the Indian app market. Therefore, Google and Apple have all their eyes set to clinch this opportunity. In July 2016, Android Skilling was launched by Google to train 2 million developers for the Android platform. Apart from this, Apple planned to come up with an iOS App Design and Development Accelerator in Ahmedabad so as to provide specialized support to local iOS developers.

Annual App Downloads in India


With BENGALURU, DELHI, and HYDERABAD taking up 55 percent of the Android app development market and 45 percent of the iPhone app development market, India in total has a vast assemblage of app developers be it to buy a household item or for booking a cab. And because of this very reason over and above the low value of the Indian Rupee, there exists a major difference in the cost of app development in India as compared to the US or UK, or UKRAINE.

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