It was only a few years back when brands struggled to top the chart simply, in the physical market. But with changing times, and with technology shouldering each and every gimmick of the market, everything has changed including the spread of market place, the consumer behavior, and the brand impact. Today, brands cannot just limit themselves to advertising and promotion, but they have to consistently score high on the chart of highly rated and referred websites and apps through which they are trying to have a 24*7 connect with their prospects. In the case of websites, it's the SEO tools which determine its competitive worth and similarly, in the case of apps it's the ASO or the App Optimisation Tools which perform the similar function.

Confining our this study to apps lets browse through the several factors which have an impact on the credibility of the app in the app store. Downloads and engagement are considered to be the primary determinants with engagement providing a more clear view. Engagement records the total number of daily and monthly users of the app, how many times the app has been viewed and used. Therefore, it's obvious that the more feature friendly the app will be, more will be its score on the engagement analysis. And everything comes at a price. Those brands who have heavy wallets, easily pay and get the best of the lot but what about those brands which in spite of good content fall short because of the cash crunch? For such apps, ASO or the App Optimization Tools is the solution. But with so many ASO tools in the market, how to shortlist the best? So I have done a bit of homework for you and filtered few of the key ASO tools which will mentor you to get the best output. Remember ASO also optimises your app name, description, icon, screenshot and the preview.


App Annie

The soaring number of App Annie users are proof to its worth in the app market. It's 500,000 of registered users (and the number still growing) depend on App Annie to understand the intricate app market, its functioning and the probabilities which can guarantee growth.



This prime product gives you a detailed insight of the app user's behavior and demographics apart from the data related to app user retention, an estimate of the download made and also competitor's activity information.


This free ASO tool lets you track app information related to download, usage, revenue and ensures widespread reach across the countries and across varied app stores. This is very much similar to Advertising Analytics, wherein one gets a unified view of the ad campaign for proper management.


This is a free access to market data metrics inclusive of historical rankings, reviews, rankings and keywords for any variety of apps across different countries.


Sensor Tower

If as an app developer, mobile marketer or industry analyst, you are in search of an ASO tool which can give you a combative insight of the mobile market economy, then this is you must have tool.

Sensor Dashboard


Convenient and result oriented view and analysis of reviews, the result of being a “featured” app, regular sales record and app analytics, category ranking and keyword ranking along with detailed competitive analysis and localization analysis are the fruits borne by this tree of ASO.


Have a proper insight into app downloads and revenues, with the complete estimate of the number of views across multiple devices, categories, and countries, along with the proper access to competitor's activities.


Intelligently uncovers the acquisition campaigns run by other publishers and developers. You get to see the boost in ad spending which led to a boost in downloads, and also the creative used in campaigns apart from the result of top notch advertisers and publishers weekly list.


The basic features of the Sensor Tower give a free insight into the best-performing apps across various categories, devices, and countries. This product also shows the most rated apps and the apps which have been recently updated.


Store Maven

Store Maven as an ASO tool ensures quick, affordable and accurate App store testing.

Store Maven Game

Store Maven provides split testing (A/B testing) of your app page to check how the different design and placement of creative impact the number of downloads of your app. With Store Maven, one can test:

  • Icon

  • Title

  • Rating and Votes

  • Screenshots

  • Video

  • Poster Frame (iOS)

  • Feature Graphic (Google Play)

  • Description

  • Uber Page (iOS)

Also, you get access to the dedicated design studio, which makes the designing of varied app store pages an easier ask.



App figures are the choice of the topmost app developers. Convert your app data into an easy to understand and powerful report that captures the entire app portfolio from indie devs and small studios to large enterprises and publishers.


App Figures provides a composite report that integrates with all the major app store optimization services, ad networks, and in-app analytics providers.

App Figures provides reports on:

  • Sales and Downloads: Track the sales, the downloads, and the in-app purchases

  • Reviews: Get feeble or email notification whenever someone checks your app

  • Ranks: Every hour update of the app so that you know about the performance of your app and that of your competitors.

  • Usage: Monitor the sessions, active users, crashes, and other usage-related data

  • Ad Monetization: Track the ad performance and revenue across varied networks, apps, and countries

  • Top Apps: Know about the top apps in any category and any country

The reports can be personalized and integrated with other dashboards, and get outsourced in multiple formats for further analysis.


This ASO tool is nothing less than a mobile data intelligence that can give you answers related to any question regarding any app in the market.


This highly intellectual tool is a well-balanced merger of four complementary tools: Keyword Tracking, Keyword Intelligence, Suggestions, and Competitor Tracking. Get to know how your app ranking changes with the change of keywords and also get to know the similarities in the keywords as used by you and your competitor. Apart from this, you can also provide yourself with a long list of keywords related to your app.


Ingress to the entire refurbished category ranking across multiform devices and countries. The possibility of review analysis on the basis of density, download, and history of the app in comparison to that of competitors.



The tool limelight on download and revenue projection, using Mobile Action's own coup to help you regulate how many users you need to acquire to supersede your competitor.