On 3rd March 2020, laravel has released its new version Laravel 7. With these versions, laravel has released the strategy of laravel framework. It is not a Long-Term-Support version so as per the laravel support version policy they provide a six-month bug fix and one-year security issue fix support policy.

New Features That Introduced In Laravel 7

The laravel 7 includes many new features as below

  • Laravel Airlock
  • HTTP clients
  • Custom Eloquent casts
  • CROS Support
  • Better routing speed
  • Blade component tags
  • Multiple Mail Driver

Laravel Airlock

This airlock provides a featherweight authentication system for mobile applications. Single-page applications, token-based APIs, and simple APIs.

The airlock allows users to generate multiple API tokens for their account. These tokens have abilities to specify which actions the tokens are allowed to perform.

HTTP Client

Around the guzzle, HTTP client laravel provides an expressive minimal API which allows to quickly make outgoing HTTP requests to further communicate with other web applications.

With nice developer experience, laravel wrapper around guzzle is focused on its topmost common use cases.

Custom Eloquent Casts

Laravel has a variety of helpful and built-in cast types; still, at some points, users are in need to define their cast types. It can be done by defining a class that implements the CastsAttributes interface.

Blade Component Tags & Improvements

Blade components have been renovated that allows attribute management, inline view components, component classes and tag-based rendering, and more.

As the renovation of blade components is extensive. Hence a user can learn more with the help of blade component documentation.

CROS Support

Laravel 7 supports Cross-Origin Resource sharing out of the box. During the API development process now users will be able to face every developer CROS face problem. With users configuration value Laravel 7 auto-response to users OPTION request with HandleCors middleware.

Fluent String Operation

With Laravel 7 users can do more object-oriented and cool stuff with Illuminate\Support\Str.

$currentVersion = (string) Str::of(' Laravel 6.x ');

return $currentVersion->trim()

->replace('6.x', '7.x')


// laravel-7x

Multiple Mail Driver

Laravel 7 allows us to set up multiple mail drivers with a single application.



->send(new PostUpdated($post));

Route Caching Speed Improvements

Laravel 7 introduces a new method of matching compiled, cached routes that have been cached using the route: cache Artisan command.

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