In this 21st century, everyone is mining for Bitcoins, Doge coins, and other forms of currency and If you are a crypto trader then it is obvious that you need to check the price of coins constantly and it is not possible through desktop only. You cannot sit 24*7 on your desktop to check the prices. Therefore, to check the real-time prices of coins continuously you should use bitcoin cryptocurrency application. In this article, we are going to discuss the most demanding mobile applications for bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Here, I have listed down the best Bitcoin cryptocurrency applications for Android devices.

  1. Bitcoin checker: This application mainly provides information on the top cryptocurrencies worldwide. It has a very simple user interface but it shares the complete information for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Checker is the most popular cryptocurrency application because it is free to use and whether we need information about Bitcoins, Doge coins, and other information – Bitcoin checker doubtlessly has everything within.
  2. Bitcoin tracker widget: If a person wants to know the current exchange rate on their Android device then they can directly find it through the Bitcoin tracker widget. It supports multiple widgets so if you want to make a record of multiple widgets with multiple currencies. Bitcoin tracker widget is the best application for those who are a fan of creating widgets.
  3. Bitcoinium: Bitcoinium is a combination of ticker widgets and bitcoins. It allows you to set an alarm when the currency reaches a certain point. It also allows you to set a widget for your favorite currency. Thus, we can call Bitcoinium the solution of an all-in-one.
  4. Bitcoin Wallet: Bitcoin wallet was developed by Coinbase Company which is reliable to Bitcoin. You can manage your personal Bitcoin through this application OR you can sell, buy and spend your Bitcoins. It also provides the functionality for remote access. Thus, if your Android phone is lost and stolen then you can disable access to your phone.

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  1. Coin Desk: The coin desk comes with a new feature of news feeds. You can get information from all over the world through news feeds of appropriate news by following them. This is something unique about Coin Desk. You can find graphs, and currency exchange, and get a notification when the currency reaches some level. Therefore, the Coin Desk is an all-in-one solution.
  2. Cryptocurrency dash for clock: This application allows you to monitor those currencies that you think you need to check regularly OR the right currency for you on your lock screen. It is very easy to understand and very helpful too.
  3. Cryptox: It allows you to check all the currencies on the application and you can also compare it with other currencies through a single app. It provides a lot of information to those who follow Cryptocurrencies and it also integrates with tweeter feeds for multiple interactions so you can follow and get knowledge about what is happening with Cryptocurrency.
  4. Cryptonator: You can convert more than 500 varieties of Crypto – coins. You can track the information about your favorite currency, your own money, and most importantly, you can get information about the best and worst currency in every month.
  5. Cryptocurrency converter: The most amazing thing about cryptocurrency converter is, it is free to use and you don't need specific permission to use this app. You can convert more than 1000 currency and maintain track of all through graphs. Due to less advertising, no. Of downloads of Cryptocurrency converters are less but those who have already downloaded this app and using this are enjoying the features.

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